Previously on Celebrity Apprentice… Athena, the women's team, got a huge donation from Brande Roderick's contacts and sold $61,257 worth of cupcakes. Joan, as project manager, won $126,000 for God's Love, her charity. Good for her. The Thing That Ate Andrew Dice Clay went after Herschel Walker on the men's team but "Dice" was ultimately fired due to apathy. Shocking. Who will be fired tonight?

God's Love Delivery
Joan goes on a delivery and Karen Pearl, the CEO of God's Love, explains that all the people they give donations to are sick with various kinds of cancer, HIV/AIDs, Parkinson's, etc etc. Joan hands over a check for $125,000 to the charity. Part of it will go to a woman for after her next breast cancer surgery. Cool. Can't make fun of that.

Today they are working with (they sell shoes, handbags and apparel) to create a comic book character that focuses on customer service. Zappos's CEO will pick the winner. For project managers, the women pick Khloe Kardashian. Her "celebrity" is listed as "reality star." That whole family makes me so sad. For the men, Scott Hamilton is the project manager. I will always love him because of the back-flips when he skated.

The Women
Annie wants to write the presentation. Melissa takes this opportunity to point out that her mother has won Emmys for writing. It's hard to get my eyes to focus after rolling them back in my head so far. The Rivers women terrify me and not just because I think if I held a lighter up to Joan's face that it would melt.

They eventually come up with Mizz Z for Zappos as their character. The focus group is a bunch of "typical comic book readers," according to Khloe. They are also not used to being around "pretty women." Heh heh. To support Khloe's assertions, they are pretty blown away about talking comics with a Playboy Playmate. Well, yeah. I think even I would be pretty excited to talk to a Playmate. They're just so pretty! I have a total girl-crush on Kendra from Girls Next Door.

Interestingly, the women pick Natalie Gulbis to model the superhero outfit instead of Brande. She looks super-foxy. However, when they do the presentation, Claudia (who got "sick") fumbles over her words and Natalie looks like a Super Hero Hooker in a vinyl skirt and black hooker boots and she makes her displeasure with the outfit known IN FRONT of Eric the CEO. Hmmm.

The Men
With the men, Dennis Rodman wants to do a transvestite super-hero. A man who transforms into a woman and sells purses and shoes. Awesome.  So awesome. I would shop at Zappos just for that. The men kind of flouder around for awhile and eventually rely on their focus group to give them ideas. The focus group basically turns into Night at the Apollo for Tom Green and they still don't have a character.

Tom Green is just going ADHD-bonkers all over the place, shouting out names for the character and being all over the map. Scott wants to smack him and so do I. Scott finally settles on E for the character name. "Everything, Everywhere, Everytime." I'd do E cubed, maybe. Green wants to do a big Z on her chest for Zappos, but Scott overrules him. They really aren't letting Tom Green do anything. I don't think I would either, frankly.

Their costume ends up looking pretty awesome, mostly because Jesse James takes over. He says his next show will be "West Coast Choppers… and Costumes!" Delightful. It's purple with silver accents and black boots. In the actual presentation, Tom Green does a good job and manages to rein in his crazy for 5 minutes. Their super hero is a woman in a silver outfit who looks decidedly less hookerish than the women's team's super hero.

The Judgment
Eric the CEO liked the men's focus on the customer but not the name (EEE!). He thought the women did well with focusing on the letter Z and capturing the core idea of service, but he didn't like Claudia's actual presentation. Ultimately, the women's team is declared the winner. Zappos loved the character, the use of "Z" and that they seemed to work so well together. Khloe wins $20,000 for her charity, which is an organization that helps fight addiction.

In the board room, Scott chooses to bring in Tom Green and Herschel Walker. Trump almost immediately dismisses Herschel because the real tension is between Scott and Tom. After a lot of sniping and interrupting and Tom Green invoking that they are both testicular cancer survivors, Scott Hamilton is fired. Boy, that's disappointing. Tom Green annoys the crap out of me.

What do you guys think? Did the right team win? Did the right guy go home?

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