bobby flay stephanie march mar 2006 gi Celebrity chef Bobby Flay plays 'food fairy' to wife Stephanie MarchSo much for actresses starving themselves. Stephanie March, who plays Alexandra Cabot on “Law & Order: SVU” eats extremely well, thank you very much.

Of course it helps to have a great cook in the house, and hers is Bobby Flay. The TV chef and restaurateur is married to March, who describes him as, the “food fairy” meaning he will make her anything.

“We have been together 10 years and I have yet to refuse one of her food requests — ever,” Flay tells Zap2it. “Stephanie thinks about what she is going to eat days ahead.”

While visiting her family, she wrote him a long email detailing what she wanted when she returned.

“She’s very good with giving me a heads-up,” Flay says. “She wakes up hungry and knows what she wants. If I am able to do that for her — great. It keeps her happy.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler