chef miki nozawa dead Celebrity chef Miki Nozawa killed by customers who didn't like his foodChef Miki Nozawa was killed in a German resort town by a pair of customers who didn’t like the noodle dish he served them.

Nozawa was known to prepare his Japanese-Italian fusion dishes for the likes of Denzel Washington, Phil Collins and Mikhail Gorbachev. But according to a UPI report, two diners at his popular Sylt island restaurant didn’t find their beef, vegetable and fried noodle dish up to par. So they refused to pay their tab.

The chef reportedly caught up with the diners at a nearby strip club and demanded they pay the equivalent of $13. The men got into an altercation and Nozawa died at a local hospital from the injuries he incurred.

German authorities say the suspects are at large.

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