rachael vs guy celebrity cook off coolio 'Celebrity Cook Off's' Coolio 'had to go black diamond real quick'Celebrity chefs Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri have, ahem, cooked up a fabulous antidote to the winter doldrums – a “Celebrity Cook-Off” show. In Rachael Ray’s Everyday magazine January issue, the cooking celebrities share some tidbits about the season. This first one focuses on rap star Coolio, be sure to check back for more as we lead up to the “Cook-Off” premiere Sunday, Jan. 1 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the Food Network.

Coolio’s Quick Bite:
“I always thought I was a good cook, but now I know I’m a good cook.”

Coolio’s Tale from the Trenches:

“I made my grandma’s mini pudding cake for a dessert face-off and, as it got down to the wire, I realized that it was still loose like a souffle. I had to go black diamond real quick, so I put the cake in the oven and turned it up to 500 degrees. It stiffened up and came out with a nice brown crust on the top.”

Coolio’s Bizarre-but-Delicious Experiment:

“Guy taught me how to make a tempura-fried avocado stuffed with crab. Now I fry bell peppers filled with shrimp and ground turkey. I’ve even made my own spicy and lemon tempura batters, and I’m dreaming up crazy combinations all the time.”

Coolio before the show – “I did everything in the kitchen by hand.”

And now – “I use a food processor for almost everything that needs a lot of chopping or blending. It saves so much time. Who knew?”

Check back here for more previews. Who’s getting excited about the “Celebrity Cook-Off”?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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