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For many people, Jan. 1 means getting over hangovers and recovering from the partying the night before. This year Netflix allowed people to nurse those headaches with all you can watch “Friends” binge watch — but some celebs did it even better. 
There were a handful that did it up in style that we can respect — from the awesome McDonalds run to strange bathroom encounters. Check out how these crazy kids kicked off their 2015. 
“Chasing Life” star Italia Ricci hit up her local Mickey D’s in style, meaning a black zip-up onesie. Words cannot express the amount of respect that should be given for that outfit choice. Toast your Big Macs to this awesome lady. 

Big Macs and a onesie. 2015, we’re going to get along just fine. 👊

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Miley Cyrus also kicked off her New Year with a trip to the golden arches. That looks like a McMuffin with sausage (don’t judge) and verifies that greasy food absolutely hits the spot after a big night out. Rumor has it that Miley spent the night with her boyfriend’s dad Arnold Schwarzenegger so who knows what kind of mischief went down. 

Starting 2015 off right IM FUCKIN LOVIN IT

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Fellow Disney star Selena Gomez partied it up internationally. The “Come and Get It” singer rang in the New Year in Dubai with a group of friends. For her New Year’s dining experience she tried out some local cuisine and wasn’t afraid to eat it the traditional way — with her hands. When in Rome, or Dubai, right? 

This is how we eat here!

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Also hanging out abroad is “Parks and Rec” fabulous diva Retta, who Instagrammed a very fancy bathroom that she stumbled into. She found a coin operated straight iron, which actually sounds like an amazing idea. She didn’t try it out, but we agree that US public restrooms should step up their grooming game. 
On the opposite end of the spectrum, “Teen Wolf” heartthrob Tyler Posey is “keeping it real” in 2015 and staying at home. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s up with his face in this photo but it kind of represents the pounding headache that comes after too many rum and cokes. 

Keepin it real

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