celebrity wife swap bristol palin melissa rivers 'Celebrity Wife Swap: Bristol Palin and Melissa Rivers switch livesIn what might be the craziest pairing on “Celebrity Wife Swap” yet, Joan and Melissa Rivers are pairing up with Bristol and Willow Palin to have Melissa and Bristol swap lives for a week.

The dichotomy is set up right off the bat, with the Rivers household looking composed and a little fancy, with Joan’s sit-down dinners every night and their fashion plate wardrobes. Whereas the Palins are much more down ‘n dirty (even though they live in some pretty swanky digs in Alaska) and son Tripp is much rowdier than Rivers’ son Cooper — though Cooper is 12 and Tripp is four, so.

Bristol is definitely more out of her comfort zone than Melissa because while Melissa is dealing with housework, an unruly four-year-old and moose meat, Bristol is at a dinner party full of Joan and Melissa Rivers’ friends and while they aren’t “attacking” her exactly the way she acts like they are, it certainly must feel intimidating and like she’s being ganged up on.

Bristol is also being asked to kind of step into Melissa’s role as a producer for “Fashion Police,” which she is not comfortable with.

Meanwhile, in Alaska, Melissa is mostly just interacting with Willow and Tripp, plus a little bit of Bristol’s father Todd. It’s a lot more low-key, plus Melissa is really great in reining in Tripp’s unruly behavior and getting Willow a gig doing hair for a local TV anchor — which Willow turns down. Hmph.

Once Bristol is in charge in Hollywood, she livens up the Rivers house with informal dinners and fishing, which Joan Rivers seems to be a great sport about.

At the round table, it definitely sounds like Melissa had a smoother week than Bristol, but everybody seems to have come out of it having had a good time. Joan Rivers even tears up talking about how much she enjoyed Bristol’s company.

What did you think? We were expecting more fireworks from this pairing, but it was actually kind of refreshing to see everybody act so cordially and like adults.
Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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