celebrity wife swap bristol palin melissa rivers gi 'Celebrity Wife Swap' returns with Bristol Palin and Melissa Rivers

“Celebrity Wife Swap” has outdone itself this summer. When the series returns on Sunday, June 23, audiences will get a double swap: Bristol Palin and her sister, Willow — the daughters of politician Sarah Palin — will trade places with Joan and Melissa Rivers.

The results may be explosive.

For the episode, Melissa Rivers will head to Wasilla, Alaska to spend a week living with Willow Palin and Bristol’s four-year-old son, Tripp. Bristol Palin, meanwhile, will head to Los Angeles for a week with Joan and Melissa’s 12-year-old- son, Cooper. Two very different lifestyles will be on display for the show.

At the Palin household, it seems that Tripp is in charge. Melissa will have to deal not only with snow (not a big thing in LA) but also with Tripp’s energy and lack of discipline. Willow isn’t likely to be much help with this as she is more often Tripp’s co-conspirator. Can Melissa bring structure to the Palin home before she leaves?

The Rivers home is completely different, a busy place that doubles as production headquarters for ther Rivers’ shows. In order to keep on top of this, the family lives a tightly scheduled life that allows for work and a daily sit-down dinner. Can Bristol stand the rigid lifestyle — and work as an executive producer for “Fashion Police” — without going crazy?

What else does “Celebrity Wife Swap” have coming this summer? On Sunday, June 30, the girlfriend and wife of former wrestlers “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper will switch places. Actress Nia Peeples and singer Tiffany will be the swappers on Sunday, July 7.

Posted by:Laurel Brown