42413873 2 Hollywood to Sarah Palin: These stars say, 'Thanks, but no thanks'

"At first I thought Sarah Palin was some kind of Republican pandering — a misguided attempt to woo Hillary voters over to the dark side, as if they believed women voters were so stupid that they would vote for anyone in a skirt, but now I see that she is much, much worse. I have nothing against hockey moms — I just don’t want to be one. If Sarah Palin had her way, she would take away that right not to be a mom. She wants to outlaw abortion — so to call her a feminist is as laughable as calling evangelicals ‘Christians.’ They shouldn’t have the right to call themselves Christian, for they have no Christ-like attributes."

— Margaret Cho, on her blog

42416177 Hollywood to Sarah Palin: These stars say, 'Thanks, but no thanks'

"It’s amazing that a woman has come that far. But from what I know about her, her policies are not things I agree with.

— Meg Ryan, during a press junket for "The Women"


Seems like half of Hollywood is speaking out about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. John McCain‘s VP choice.

Matt Damon, Annette Bening, Barbra Streisand, Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria Parker, Pink … check out this gallery of stars and what they had to say about Palin.

Do you care what they think? Do you agree with any of them? Or do you wish they would all shut-the-heck-up?

Photos: Top, Margaret Cho by Jennifer S. Altman, Los Angeles Times; bottom, Meg Ryan, WireImage.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead