celine dion mar 2011 gi Celine Dion intruder hops a fence, has a snack, draws a bathKooks can be like cats hunting a bug. They wait, they stalk, the pounce and then they look up and go, “Now what?”

Daniel Benard, a 36-year-old man, allegedly hopped fence and then used a garage door opener he found in an unlocked vehicle to break into Celine Dion‘s Montreal home on Monday (Sept. 5), reports the AP.

What did he do once there though? Steal Dion’s articles of Dion’s itty bitty clothing to sell on eBay? Write creepy declarations of his undying love in his own blood on her bedroom wall? Take pictures of himself in her downstairs bathroom?

Nope, he had himself a little snack of leftover pastries and went to draw himself in the authorities’ words, a “nice warmish bath.”

During all this he managed to set off an alarm as well. When police — and their canine unit — arrived he greeted them by coming down the main staircase from upstairs and asking, “Hey, guys what are you doing here?”

Neither Dion nor her family were in Montreal at the time.

Posted by:Brill Bundy

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