snooki couture headphones ces 2013 gi CES 2013 wrapup: The future of technology and an appearance by Snooki highlight annual trade showEvery year over 100,000 people flock to Las Vegas for an event where gambling and free booze isn’t the number one draw. The Consumer Electronics Expo is the annual trade show where companies come to town to show off the future of technology.

As technology continues to evolve faster and faster, we get crazier devices no one would have dreamed of even ten years ago, and this year is no different. As Wired reports, there’s a gadget for everyone, from something as small as a mind-powered, radio-controlled helicopter to something as lavish as a Bentley concept car with a touchscreen computer and 3D navigation built-in that carries a price tag of $200,000.

Among the more impressive devices is a touchscreen display made entirely of water vapor. That’s right, the Displair shoots water vapor into the air creating a unique computer experience. A camera tracks interaction with the display. It doesn’t seem very practical, but it sounds awesome.

CES isn’t all about fun-yet-pointless gadgets, though. According to THR, the future of film-making may be on display this year. As more companies jump into the unmanned aerial drone market, the possibilities for their use in the film industry grows.

The AR Drone, a $300 vehicle equipped with a camera and marketed as a toy for hobbyists, is set to release an update that will include a Director Mode. The new mode will add the ability to tweak camera settings remotely, along with several pre-programmed camera movements that the drone will be able to perform.

With all of this amazing new technology it’s surprising, that the show’s big draw was an appearance by Snooki. The “Jersey Shore” star was in town to debut a line of electronics, Snooki Couture. Devices in the line include cheetah-print headphones and a bedazzled telephone that looks like a high heel, of course.

Though “Jersey Shore” has ended, Snooki stays in touch with her fans via social media. In an interview with Mashable, Snooki spoke of her personal hardship during Hurricane Sandy saying, “We were without electricity for a week and I couldn’t tweet, Instagram or do anything. I wanted to kill myself; it was so awful.” Surely she was also upset about all that pesky flooding and destruction.

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