cesar millan daddy dog whisperer 500 Cesar Millan's Daddy the pit bull dies. 'Dog Whisperer' mournsCesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, has lost his best friend.

Daddy, his pit bull and constant companion on the National Geographic Channnel show “The Dog Whisperer,” died peacefully on Friday (Feb. 19) at the age of 16.

“In Memoriam: Daddy the Pit Bull” Millan posted on Twitter the next day, linking to his official website, which includes pictures of Daddy and a statement about his death.

]]> “He lived each day of those sixteen years happy and fulfilled as Cesar’s right-hand-‘man,’ helping to shape the behavior of entire generations of dogs by showing them the way to balance,” reads the post. “He stood as champion for calm-submissive pit bulls everywhere, and was instrumental in helping to repair their image as violent, savage, uncontrollable beasts. He successfully battled cancer and weathered chemotherapy, and even got the opportunity to present at the 56th Annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards!” Daddy, who was once owned by the rapper Redmond but was given over to Millan at four months old, was seen as an ambassador for pit bulls and often helped Millan rehabilitate other problem dogs on the popular cable series. Millan adds: “And, of course, he lives on in his work, reflected in the balance and calm-submission of his protégé Junior, the countless animals to whom he was a positive role model, and in the hearts and minds of everyone who knew him as a calm, sweet, and mellow example of a widely misunderstood breed.” On Saturday (Feb. 20) Millan also posted to his Twitter: “Thank you for your messages of condolence.  They mean so much to my family and me during this time.” Check out a video that National Geographic Channel once made featuring Daddy. RIP Daddy. Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz.   
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