chance the rapper arthur theme song single Chance the Rapper's single 'Wonderful Everyday: Arthur' is an 'Arthur' theme song cover

Chance the Rapper has taken his love of the Ziggy Marley-penned theme song to the PBS children’s series “Arthur” to a new level: He’s recorded a cover version as his latest single, “Wonderful Everyday: Arthur.”

The rapper/singer has been performing the tune at music festivals all summer, but now it’s an official single — recorded in a studio and everything. He even got Wyclef Jean and Jessie Ware to guest!

The single version is a slightly tighter recording of the meandering, jazzy version he’s been performing live, much to the delight of the nostalgic millenials in the crowd. It takes about two full minutes to come together, but the payoff is just as feel-good as you want it to be.

Listen below.

Posted by:Jean Bentley