KorbiTV.jpgMy friends, loyal readers, Twitter followers, fair weather fans who don’t really like me that much but check in every now and then…

A quick message for you:

Change has come to Korbi TV.

Yes, I know my coverage of the television world has changed quite a bit over the last eight months or so, but come Monday, we’re making a major move.

Korbi TV will become all original video content, all the time.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t be writing anymore. I will continue to file written stories as well, but they will exist in Zap2it’s From Inside The Box blog from now on.

You can still come to Korbi TV to get a heads up on that coverage, as I’ll post links to my written stories in KTV every day, but you’ll now get daily video content as well: Red carpet interviews, set visits, personal commentary on the big small-screen stories of the day, plus more installments of my Drinking with The Stars series.

It’s all going to be quick and fun and hopefully bring you much closer to the world of TV as it revolves around a lunatic fan who somehow, by the grace of God knows what, gets firsthand access to the people who are making it happen.

On Monday, I’ll kick things off with the first of many one-on-one “Melrose Place” interviews, as we count down to the show’s premiere on Tuesday, September 8th. Thomas Calabro, aka Dr. Michael Mancini, is victim number one.

Also, I’m spending some quality on-camera time with “Greek”‘s Amber Stevens and Dilshad Vadsaria, so don’t miss that either, as the third season premieres Monday night.

Any thoughts?

Despise this idea?

Think it might be cool?

Have suggestions?

Comment below, okay?

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh