channing tatum tom brady Channing Tatum channels Tom Brady for 'Saturday Night Live': WatchWe figured Tom Brady wouldn’t go unscathed on “Saturday Night Live” the night before the Patriots take on the Giants at the Super Bowl, and sure enough, host Channing Tatum donned a beanie and headed to Ruby Tuesday’s… where he met Bobby Moynihan’s highly enthusiastic Janet.

Janet thought her luck was over when “Tom” pointed out that he was married… to freakin’ Gisele. “I can’t compare there,” she says. “I look like every bank teller in the world, just squished together.”

She won his heart with the story about her cat who sleeps between her boobs, though. “You know what, Janet, one minute ago I was ready to walk out of here and make love to my super model wife, and get some rest before the Super Bowl. But now? I’m listening.”

Things don’t end well for the Giants.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie