channing tatum strip flash mob today Channing Tatum strips in 'Magic Mike' flash mob on 'Today'Channing Tatum knows exactly how you want to start off your Wednesday: by shaking his behind on morning television with “Magic Mike” costar Joe Manganiello. Tatum and Manganiello give Al Roker and Ann Curry a little more love than usual while promoting their Very Important Male Stripper Movie on the “Today” show.

Manganiello demonstrates one of his skillful body rolls before a gang of dancers descends upon the outdoor “Today” set. He, Roker and Curry dash away but Tatum stays behind with the dancers, who shake it while wearing “Magic Mike” tank tops and booty shorts with the release date on the butt. (That’s June 29, in case you’ve misplaced your countdown calendar or have come down with temporary amnesia.)

Tatum is in on the act, and not only joins in on the dancing, he also rips open his shirt. Unfortunately, his abs are covered by a “Magic Mike” tank, but we’ll take what we can get. Enjoy the video below:

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Posted by:Jean Bentley