Normally Channing Tatum keeps himself in pretty impressive shape, but during an appearance on “Ellen,” he admitted that wasn’t the case at the moment.
It turns out Tatum is taking a bit of time off from work and not as concerned about keeping himself looking like this
“Right now, what me and my wife like to call it, I’m very fappy,” he says while host Ellen DeGeneres shows a still of him stripping in “Magic Mike.” “I am very fat and happy.” 
His definition of fat might not line up with everyone else’s, though.

“I’ve been working for two straight years and now, some really needed downtime with the family,” he explains. 
The decision to get “fappy” is perfect timing for Tatum, who has an eight-month-old daughter at home. “She’s saying ‘dadadadada’, I don’t think she knows exactly what it means yet but it doesn’t matter,” he reveals.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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