charles barkley getty Charles Barkley considers donating salary to charity during NBA lockoutTNT basketball analyst and NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley said Tuesday (Oct. 12) he’s considering donating his paycheck to charity during the NBA lockout.

“I haven’t told anybody, but I’m actually — believe it or not — I’m leaning toward donating it to charity,” he tells the Chicago radio program “The Waddle & Silvy Show.” “I don’t think it’s cool for me to take money I haven’t earned.”

The NBA announced Monday (Oct. 11) it is canceling the first two weeks of the season as owners and players haven’t agreed on a long-term labor contract.

Barkley hasn’t made a final decision on this. He has previously stated he believes the entire 2011-12 season will be canceled.

“The problem I have is if these guys hold out all season, it’s going to be a lot of money,” Barkley says. “That’s why I have to make that decision.”

Posted by:David Eckstein