leroy-jetson-charles-barkley-NBA-on-TNT.jpgOn the NBA on TNT this week, commentator Charles Barkley was discussing the state of professional basketball today and said, “I’m gonna tell you something, man, ain’t no doubt in my mind, if I played the game today, I’d be going to the game in a spaceship. … Like Leroy, Elroy Jetson.”

Honestly, we don’t know what he means by going to the game in a spaceship. But his slip of the tongue by saying “Leroy” Jetson sends the other guys — particularly Shaquille O’Neal — into fits of laughter.

“Leroy Jetson. Is that the black Jetson? ‘His homeboy Leroy,’ … Leroy Jetson. Underdog, put that on a T-shirt,” says O’Neal, as he buries his face in his papers and laughs and laughs.

Later, Shaq is still singing it — “He got dubs on his whip” — and the sound guys play the “Jetsons” theme music and offer up a graphic of a black Jetson (above). Then the guys are just calling NBA highlights to the tune of the “Jetsons” music.

It’s … amazing. Video below. Feel free to insert your own Megyn Kelly joke where applicable.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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