Bill Hader
teamed up with Charles Barkley to film the latter’s first “Saturday Night Live” promos of the week.

Barkley is always game when he hosts “SNL” — this is his third time, after all — but just because he’s familiar with the Rockefeller Center studios doesn’t mean cast members can get informal with the basketball great.
In the promos, things get a little awkward when Hader forgets to address his statuesque host by his proper name: “Sir Charles.” (Geez, have some respect, will ya?) Things get even more awkward (for Hader) when Barkley doesn’t remember their secret handshake. Apparently their time together meant more to Hader than it did to Barkley.
Check out the promos above. Barkley hosts “SNL” for the third time on Jan. 7 with musical guest Kelly Clarkson.

Posted by:Jean Bentley