ramsey no burgers Charles Ramsey: No burgers for Cleveland hero

Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey is saying “no burgers” to the many offers from eateries following his rescue of Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus from his neighbor’s home. Ramsay previously admitted that he was “eating my McDonald’s” prior to rescuing the kidnapped women, and now he’s sick of the attention he’s getting for that connection.

Since the rescue and burgers admission, McDonald’s offered Ramsey one year of free meals, while other restaurants have named burgers after him. He wants that attention to be focused instead on giving Berry, Knight and DeJesus the money and resources they need, and is frustrated with all the attention placed on him.

“Ramsey also wants everyone to know that he does not endorse the consortium of Northeast Ohio restaurants who are offering ‘Ramsey Burgers’ or who are promoting that Ramsey can receive free burgers from them for life,” Patricia Walker, Ramsey’s intellectual property lawyer, says in a statement. “Ramsey encourages people to do things that will help the victims.”

Ramsey adds, “I never told these people they could use my name for this.” As for the online video game Burger Bash that depicts Ramsey and his neighbor Ariel Castro tossing burgers to one another, he says, “I want everyone to know that I have nothing to do with this trash.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz