sheen christmas card Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller's Christmas card needs a Photoshop knifeCharlie Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller’s Christmas Card — featuring their adorable twin boys, Bob and Max — was sent out weeks ago. 

That was way before their Aspen Christmas Day squabble involving an alleged knife (or is it a letter opener?), alleged choking, admitted overindulging in Christmas spirits, a 911 call and a little jail time.

Just goes to show that pictures can be deceiving and there are always unseen peaks and valleys in any relationship. 

]]>And The Dish Rag is willing to bet that someone with a little time on their hands today will do a Tiger Woods on this puppy and insert a knife into someone’s hand. C’mon, you know it’s gotta happen. We can even see an SNL skit in this.

But in all seriousness, let’s hope these two can get some counseling, stop drinking and make next year’s holiday one to remember … in  a good way.
Photo credit: Rebecca Bouck; Christopher Fay