cheen2 0 Charlie Sheen calls 'Two and a Half Men' a 'steaming pile'The off-again/really off-again relationship between Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros is definitely on the skids. And this time Sheen is steamed.

This new round of hate comes just hours after the former “Two and a Half Men” star was sent a cease and desist letter from WB, the company that produced his old sitcom. It turns out they don’t want Sheen using any of his promo photos from “Men” to help sell his new series “Anger Management.” He apparently had done just that at the Jan. 2012 NATPE conference.

In a letter obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros says, “That you are using Warner’s intellectual property for a commercial purpose–namely, to sell another show–is especially egregious.”

Sheen, never one to mince words about his feelings for WB, “Two and a Half Men” or Chuck Lorre shot back. He tells TMZ, “I’m thrilled. It insulates me from having to redundantly see myself in the idiotic bowling shirt. Perhaps if  Warner Bros spent as much time and energy focusing on THEIR show, it wouldn’t be such a steaming pile of a**.”

Sheen has been highly critical of his old show. During a press conference at NATPE, Sheen says, “I don’t think [‘Two and a Half Men’] should go on past this year…I just think that people are there because there’s nowhere else to go.”

The hate never ends.

Posted by:David Eckstein