charlie sheen jimmy kimmel3 Charlie Sheen crashes 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' hands out free T shirtsCharlie Sheen crashed the party at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday night (March 21), and it was … Sheen-like.

Sheen stormed the stage about three-quarters of the way through the taping. Kimmel was talking to guest Mark Cuban (who was plugging his appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank”) and had just brought up the subject of Cuban and Sheen possibly working together. Cuban was in the middle of saying he and the ex-“Two and a Half Men” star have been discussing “a lot of different things” when Sheen yelled “Cuban!” offstage. (Which leads us to believe that the appearance was at least semi-planned; the camera picked Sheen up awfully quickly after he entered.)

Then came roughly four minutes of Sheen planting a kiss on Kimmel’s mouth, signing a copy of musical guest Brett Dennen’s album and handing it to someone in the audience, Sheen telling Cuban “You forgot your merchandise over at my house today,” the two of them tossing free T-shirts to the crowd and Sheen giving Kimmel a “special gift.”

“It’s a mug. It’s got a fox on it,” Sheen says. (We should note here that it looked like he had taped or glued two pictures of cartoon foxes onto a coffee mug.) “Why the fox?” Kimmel asks. “I’ll let you figure it out, my man,” Sheen replies. If we had to guess, we’d say Sheen was trying to reference the reports that he’s been talking to FOX network executives, but we’re really not comfortable trying to get inside Charlie Sheen’s head.

So, aside from the occasional bleeped word and the signing of someone else’s album, Sheen basically made a classic talk-show appearance: He had something to plug — his upcoming live-show tour — and he found a friendly venue in which to do it. He looked about the same as he has in several of his recent media appearances, and after the whirlwind four minutes he was gone.

Take a look at Sheen’s moment on “JKL”:

Posted by:Rick Porter