charlie sheen two and a half men Charlie Sheen: 'Discussions' about 'Two and a Half Men' return. Really?Charlie Sheen took his act to Boston Tuesday (April 12), and after his live show he did a radio interview in which he hinted at a possible return to “Two and a Half Men.”

No, really.

“There have been discussions, but I was asked not to divulge anything,” Sheen told WBZ-FM late Tuesday night following his “Violent Torpedo of Truth” show there.

Based on a couple of video clips on WBZ’s site, Sheen looked pretty healthy. He also sounded a lot calmer in discussing the situation that got him fired from the CBS sitcom — he even sort of acknowledges that his actions played a role in his sacking.

“Had they told me toward the end of Season 8 that suddenly that wasn’t going to be cool, I would have adjusted my behavior,” he says. “They forgot to mention that.”

Sheen also says that Warner Bros. TV, which produces “Two and a Half Men,” has been withholding his syndication payments since he sued the studio after being fired.

Warner Bros. and CBS remain tight-lipped about the Sheen situation.

Posted by:Rick Porter