charlie sheen first tweet Charlie Sheen hits 1 million followers on Twitter; Says it's a 'cash cow'While Charlie Sheen was busy #Winning, he broke a world record on Twitter by garnering over 1 million followers in just one day — Not to mention the world record for having the most entertaining quotes ever. Okay, we were just kidding about the quotes thing, but not about Twitter. That really happened. 

But Sheen admits his M.O. is more than simply bypassing the media — the actor tells TMZ that the social media tool is a “cash cow.”

He hopes to begin tweeting celebrity endorsements soon, exclaiming “I’m unemployed!”

We have to admit, Sheen is already one of our favorite celebrity tweeters and we have no doubt that companies will start paying to get on that page.

Looks like Sheen even has a head start, as he tweeted
a photo of his TV with DirecTV prominently displayed on the screen. No
word on how much that ran the company, but we doubt it was free.

Famed Los Angeles club The Viper Room is also trying to get in on Sheen’s tiger blood. They’ve tweeted at him several times hoping to throw him an “epic” party, which sounds like exactly what he needs right now.


Posted by:Sophie Schillaci