In the ongoing War of the Sheens, Denise Richards has released a curse-filled rant voice mail — albeit a three-year-old curse-filled rant voice mail — from her ex-husband Charlie Sheen calling her a … well, some pretty foul names. And she is, after all, the mother of his two very young daughters, Lola and Sam.

Click here to see what he actually said.

And here’s his response released in a statement late Wednesday: "I deeply apologize by my …choice of words to all I have obviously offended; especially to Tony Todd, an African American, who was my best man at my first two weddings."

Sheen added, however, that "three and one-half years later, the reasons that caused the anger and frustration displayed on that voice mail continue to be manifested on a daily basis" because "my children did not show up today for a custodial visit without explanation."

Sheen has been in a bitter and very embarrassing public feud with Richards since they split in 2006.

OK, is it just me or do neither of these people seem like they are fit parents for these poor kids.

How about just putting Lola and Sam up for adoption? They’d have a better chance with a new family than being on Mommy’s reality TV show or dealing with a nutter Dad, even if he is in recovery. In a way, it’s sad these two broke up. They’re so perfect for each other. They’re both really attractive and completely INSANE.

And is anyone else thinking that this is all just a ploy to get ratings for "It’s Complicated," Denise’s reality TV show?

Photos: Charlie Sheen and Denise Richard in happier times, we think. At the SAG Awards in 2005.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead