charlie sheen live broadcast Charlie Sheen in 'The Hangover: Part II?' Not possible, says Bradley CooperMike Tyson‘s tiger may have played a main part in 2009’s “The Hangover” but as for “The Hangover: Part II,” there will be no Tiger Blood.

Charlie Sheen is the poster boy for “people who should be in ‘The Hangover,'”  but it looks like his antics won’t be making it to the big screen anytime soon. Not that we’re complaining — there’s plenty of Sheen over-exposure to go around.

Bradley Cooper
tells People that the rumors of a Sheen spotting in the upcoming sequel are totally false, unless of course time travel is involved.

“Unless they have a time machine and we can go back to Bangkok, my understanding is that we have already filmed the movie,” Cooper says.

“It’s an interesting thing to start spreading,” he continues of the rumor. “You would have to be a part of the Starship Enterprise in order to make that happen.”

A cameo by fellow PR-nightmare Mel Gibson didn’t quite pan out either, but the filmmakers were able to get a scene with former president, Bill Clinton.

We’ll take it.

Charlie, please stay in your “korner.” 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci