natalie kenly bree olson charlie sheen Charlie Sheen on his Goddesses: 'There's nothing broken here'Charlie Sheen spent some more time Tuesday (March 1) with “Today Show” correspondent Jeff Rossen. One of the first topics was the rather crazy-sounding interview he gave Monday (Feb. 28). Charlie’s reaction to it?

“I’m entertained as hell … I’m laughing. I’m laughing with the Goddesses. Did [viewers] expect it to be a normal interview? Did they expect it to be conventional and boring?,” laughs Sheen. “No man, we’re shaking the tree. We’re shaking all the trees.”

The Goddesses in question are former porn star Bree Olson, whom Charlie calls “Rach” (her given name is Rachel), and model Natalie Kenly, whom he calls Nattie. They live with him in his mansion and, according to Charlie, “We think of fun plans and execute them.”

Whatever that entails.

He also says they are a help with his kids. “If I can’t be there, they’re there. Everybody helps out. There’s nothing broken here.”

Natalie says of the arrangement, “I respect Charlie as a man and as the head of this household and I trust him completely … The system works for us … I told Charlie when I moved in I’m on the bus. I don’t really care where the bus is going.”

As for why these relationships supposedly work, when Charlie has had many failed relationships in his past, he says, “These women don’t judge me … They don’t lead with their own needs all the time. What I tell them is don’t live in the middle. Get away from your emotions, get away from your ego.”

“We have an open dialogue,” Sheen continues. “Everybody’s vote has equal importance, but when we’re approaching crisis, I remind them I’m 22 years further down the road and most of the time, in the last few days all the time, my plan is going to be the best one in the room. So just trust me on that and everybody will win.”

In “Two and a Half Men” news, Warner Bros. has said they will pay the crew for four episodes, since they very recently all just lost their jobs. Sheen takes credit for this move, saying it’s because of the pressure he’s applying.

“Yeah! Who else is applying pressure? Jon Cryer? Angus? No. They’re just sitting at home waiting for something to happen.”

Sheen also says now that the crew is taken care of, he’s “going to work on [his] cast, then worry about [himself] last.”

Going back to the events of Monday, Rossen points out that Charlie’s publicist quit. Sheen says maybe he was overwhelmed or felt he wasn’t respected, but then says, “There’s sort of something epic about that, that it got so gnarly that Stan just went, ‘I’m out.’ That’s fine, that’s how I roll.”

And finally, Rossen shows Charlie Tweets of people reacting to his piece Monday. Sheen’s reaction to fans that are sad for him and his kids or think he looks manic?

“I’m sad that you have time to write about this and you might never  have kids because you obviously … I don’t even want to get into it.”

Really the best part of the entire interview was when within the span of two minutes, Rossen asks Charlie to describe himself and he says, “I’m grandiose because I live a grandiose life and I’m tired of being ‘aw shucks,'” then turns around and says, “I don’t come from a place of ego.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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