Sheen-tiger-cig-gi.jpgThe self-titled “Rock Star from Mars,” Charlie Sheen, sits down with Today co-host Matt Lauer on Friday (Sept. 16) to discuss his tumultuous year, his family and sobriety. In advance of the program airing, the network has released portions of the interview.

The transcripts reveal an introspective, almost mellow, Sheen. This is in stark contrast his behavior earlier this year, which resulted in his firing from the hit CBS comedy “Two and a Half Men.”

Here are some highlights from that interview…

Lauer: So how would you describe your emotional state now?

Sheen: It’s a lot calmer. It’s a lot mellower. Yeah, um that was a time when what happened…I don’t really know what happened. It was one of those things where the planets were aligned, perfectly or imperfectly. I said some stuff and then it caught such traction globally and instantly that I couldn’t really put out the fire. I had to keep fueling it.


Lauer: What was it like to be in the middle of it? Could you even get your arms around how big it became, did you understand how many people were talking about you?

Sheen: No, no. It was like being shot out of a cannon into another cannon and then being just shot out of that one. It was like from one moment to the next I didn’t know what was going to happen. It was pretty exciting.


Lauer: What would you have done differently?

Sheen: Just, I don’t know, the tiger blood… it was so silly and people took it so seriously and I figured, alright, I’ll continue to give the people what they want, you know?


Lauer: When’s the last time you had a drink or something more?

Sheen: I don’t really keep track of the time. It’s been awhile, because I feel like, without getting into my feelings about AA and all that stuff, if you’re walking around hanging on to your time, it’s only a matter of time before it goes, you know?

Lauer: So what is the biggest way your life has changed on a daily basis?

Sheen: My children. I’m seeing my kids a lot more, mending fences with Denise and Brooke, just trying to move forward and prioritize what matters. You know, just really get back in touch with some more reality and some more. It’s what I call the moments inside the moments. I think that’s where the life is, you know, it’s in those quiet moments. It’s not the giant TV deal or the big party or the award or whatever, it’s the memory of your child’s smile at the end of the day that sort of brings that one lonesome tear, you know that tear, right Matt?

Posted by:David Eckstein