charlie sheen fired from two and a half men Charlie Sheen reportedly negotiating for new comedy series; we don't hold our breathWould you watch Charlie Sheen in a new sitcom? Because he’s reportedly talking about starring in one. Maybe.

According to TMZ, the go-to outlet for people on Team Sheen to leak news, the fired “Two and a Half Men” star is considering a “big offer” for a broadcast network comedy that will be written for him, will go straight to series and could be on the air by midseason.

Which network? Doesn’t say. Who’s writing and producing it? Doesn’t say. So aside from those two small details, you know, done deal!

Back in February, just after Warner Bros. and CBS fired Sheen, he claimed he was developing a show for HBO and would be paid $5 million an episode for it. That didn’t happen. His live tour did come together, playing to mixed results. Sheen himself isn’t saying anything about the reported deal; he’s been silent on Twitter for the past six days.

The deal will allegedly be officially announced by the end of the week. We’re going to go out on a limb and say that the new show, if it indeed exists, won’t air on CBS. 

Posted by:Rick Porter