charlie sheen live in chicago torpedo of truth Charlie Sheen revamps 'Torpedo of Truth' show after bombing in DetroitAfter his show in Detroit that not only received boos but also inexplicably featured Simon Rex, Charlie Sheen went back to the drawing board for Chicago. “I just got back to basics,” Sheen tells E! Online. “Gotta go with what got you
to the dance and give the people what they want. On the bus someone
said, ‘You know, we could just keep driving to L.A.’ I said, ‘F*** that.
That’s what losers do. I won.'”

Sheen reportedly stayed up until 4:30 a.m. figuring out how to change the show and decided on – him sitting in a chair, being interviewed by his tour producer Joey Scoleri. Topics pretty much covered the stuff he’s been talking about everywhere for weeks now.

On his failed relationships: “Marriage for me sucked. I’m 0-for-3.” Denise Richards is “the kidnapper” and “nice try, b****. I got those kids back,
didn’t I? She sent 9,000 cops to my house looking for drugs and guns.
They found one gun from 1848.”

On CBS: “I didn’t walk away from s***. I got fired.
That’s not f****** cool. They didn’t give a f*** that I was hammered
for eight years. But as soon as I spoke back and said, ‘F*** you,
you’re a creep…’ I’m not knocking “Two and a Half Men.” I’m talking about the weirdos who run it. If they hired me back I’d do it again.”

On being a goddess: You have to be f****** me.
Start there. The rest is up to you! … I tried a third. I did. You can’t keep
an eye on the third one. I have two eyes. I have two
goddesses. I’m not bipolar. I’m bi-winning.”

The clip below is from the show. Warning: Profanity, as if you didn’t know.

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