sheen cap Charlie Sheen round up: Donald Trump loves him, Warlocks hate him and moreWith so much happening in the world of Charlie Sheen, we here at Zap2it realize that it’s tough to keep up. So we have put together some Sheen du jour tidbits to satisfy your latest guilty pleasure — Because we can’t get enough, either.

Sheen isn’t the only one who thinks he’s a winner… so does Donald Trump. “[Charlie] is not doing so badly — I thought he’d be a total wreck,” the Donald weighs in. “I think Charlie’s doing not so bad. So far, Charlie’s a winner!” Trump also says that he’d love to have Sheen on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” but he doesn’t think “Two and a Half Men” has seen the last of the actor. “I’ll be honest — I think what’s going to happen is [‘Two and a Half Men’] is going to end up signing him for a lot more money than he was getting paid in the first place,” Trump explains. “It’s all about ratings in this crazy business, and if you have ratings, you can be the worst person on earth and they’re going to sign you. I think Charlie will do very well.” [Access Hollywood]

Is there anything Sheen is afraid of? Apparently not Warlocks, though maybe he should be. After referring to himself as warlock on multiple occasions, the real ones are not taking his comments lightly. Christian Day, a practicing warlock from Salem, Mass., wants Sheen to pay for using the term in a negative light. And not in a monetary sense. “I am going to magically blind Mr. Sheen, not harm him, but to simply prevent him from using this word in such a negative manner in the future,” Day explains. “If Mr. Sheen is open to it, our coven would be willing to perform a cleansing on both him, his home and his career.” [TMZ]

Just one day after launching his verified Twitter account, Sheen could very well acquire 1 million follows. On Tuesday (Mar. 1) a friend contacted, a small company that focuses on celebrity endorsements via social media, and asked if Sheen could get hooked up on Twitter. “Charlie said he wants to communicate directly with his fans and bypass the media,” the CEO explains. As of Wednesday afternoon, he had already garnered over 964,000 followers — just 23 hours after his very first tweet. [THR

Soon-to-be ex-wife Brooke Mueller is doing her best to distance herself and her boys from Sheen and the goddesses. She had their twin sons removed from his home, and received a restraining order from a judge earlier in the day on Wed. She’s also distancing herself from the accusations that she snagged Sheen’s phone and sent an anti-Semitic text message. Mueller, who is Jewish, says that she was nowhere near Sheen’s phone on the day in question (Feb. 19) and that she has photographic evidence. Mueller was busy filming her new reality show with Paris Hilton and had cameras following her all day long. Sheen says that both of his goddesses can attest to seeing Mueller with his phone that day. [TMZ]

Do you want to be a winner like Charlie? You totally can be, with this new tee-shirt. [Barstool Sports]

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