charlie sheen cbs Charlie Sheen says he's 'fine'; those worried are a 'bunch of turds'Yeah, you read that headline right. As Charlie Sheen was checking into rehab, he sent off a text message to the Senior Exec. Editor of RadarOnline that may imply that the rehab wasn’t entirely voluntary.

Sheen wrote, “I’m fine. People don’t seem to get it. Guy can’t have a great time and do his job also? Bunch of turds.”

It’s not necessarily a good sign for a man entering a rehab facility to insist that he’s “fine.” As for the “turds,” Sheen may be referring to those who convinced him to get help.

A source close to the family says that Sheen’s father, Martin Sheen, is the one who ultimately insisted that Charlie to seek help. Martin spent the day in the hospital with his son after Charlie was taken to Cedars via ambulance.

It’s been speculated that Sheen was put under pressure from both his father and CBS, his “Two and a Half Men” employer, to get treatment. Production on the show has been halted while Sheen is in the facility.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie