charlie sheen lindsay lohan gi Charlie Sheen talks Lindsay Lohan rumors on 'Tonight Show'

During an appearance Wednesday (April 10) on the “Tonight Show,” Charlie Sheen couldn’t avoid the inevitable questions about working with Lindsay Lohan. Charlie says the idea for Lindsay to appear on his show, “Anger Management,” came about after they shot their cameo appearances together in “Scary Movie V.”
On the show Sheen plays a therapist, which may seem like a natural fit for Lindsay. “It came up that she could be on the show playing herself, cause she might need some help in my group,” Charlie says.
When host Jay Leno asks if Lindsay had any problems showing up late to shoot her parts, Sheen jokes, “Not on day one.” Following laughs from the audience, Charlie explains, “Day one, she was fabulous. She was on time; she knew her lines, hit every mark, made us look off our game.” However, it wasn’t all perfect, as Sheen continues, “Then we had to deal with day two. It was as though she had us held hostage because she gave us half a show.”
Charlie says, while using air quotes, that Lindsay had an ear ache, and showed up “a little bit four hours late,” before correcting himself and saying it was only a couple of hours. He says the cast and crew worked around it, but adds “She got to the shoot prepared … with an excuse.”
As for the reports that Lindsay took things from the set, Charlie says “It’s true, but it’s not true.” He explains that Lindsay “borrowed” some things from the set, but was informed that the cost would be deducted from her paycheck. Sheen says she was fine with that.
Charlie and Lindsay will cross paths once again, with reports that they will be each other’s date to the Los Angeles premiere of “Scary Movie V” on Thursday (April 11).
Check out the interview below:

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