How are you planning to celebrate the Sheen-less return of “Two and a Half Men” and the broadcast of Comedy Central’s Charlie Sheen roast? If your answer is “more Sheen,” then you’re in luck.

Sept. 19 also marks the unhinged actor’s visit to “The Wendy Williams Show.” And instead of going into the usual “goddesses, tiger blood, Jon Cryer is a troll,” the actor was subdued. He even made an attempt at being classy.

As you can see in the above preview, when Williams asks him what he would say to his “Men” replacement Ashton Kutcher if he were sitting right there, Sheen has an interesting response.

“I would just give him a hug and say, ‘Make me proud, bro,'” he says. “I don’t look at it as something that was taken from me, I look at it as something I left behind.”

Sheen, like many, plans to tune in on Monday to see how its doing without him.  

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell