A twitchy Charlie Sheen joined Matt Lauer for an interview on Thursday’s (March 29) “Today,” calling his post-“Two and a Half Men” behavior last year “cringeable.”

“I didn’t recognize parts of who that guy was,” he tells Lauer.

Lauer didn’t mince words, kicking off his chat with the oft-troubled “Anger Management” star by telling him that there are people that would have taken bets this time last year that Sheen would be dead by now.

“I would support that, sure — I would have taken that action,” Sheen joked.

Having criticized 12-step programs in the past, Sheen also told Lauer that he still drinks and doesn’t “believe that whole piece of fiction that they insist that you have an allegiance” to a recovery program.

“I don’t know one addiction specialist who would tell a guy in your position, ‘It’s okay to drink,” Lauer said.

“Well, if you do, I should probably go to that guy!” Sheen responded.

Do you think Sheen’s back on track after his meltdown?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper