charlie sheen leaves hospital gi Charlie Sheen to UCLA baseball players: 'Stay off the crack'Sorry Nancy Reagan, your “Just Say No” campaign has officially been replaced.

Taking a break from his at-home rehab treatment, Charlie Sheen paid a quick visit to the UCLA baseball team on Thursday, Feb.10. In a video posted by TMZ, Sheen is seen giving the team a quick motivational speech that is sure to become a national slogan:

“Stay off the crack. Drink a chocolate milk. Enjoy your moment. That’s all I got.”

Sheen (a baseball fanatic, haven’t you seen “Major League”?!) went to UCLA for some batting practice with Major League Baseball players, Coco Crisp, Eric Davis, Brandon Watson and Milton Bradley. After his practice, the Bruins’ head coach John Savage asked Sheen to give his team a quick talk about drug use. His chocolate milk promoting speech earned him a standing ovation and a “Two and a Half Men” shout-out from the team.

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