charlie sheen daughter school poop protest gi Charlie Sheen's daughter was bullied, the actor calls for a poop protest

Making Charlie Sheen mad is a bad idea. And bullying Charlie Sheen’s daughter is apparently a very bad idea. The girl’s former school has unfortunately learned this after the actor called for supporters to smear dog poop on the school in protest.

The source of this rather insane protest is a bullying incident involving Sheen’s 9-year-old daughter, Sam. The actor alleges that another girl bullied Sam last year. Because of the bullying, Sheen and ex-wife Denise Richards removed their daughter from the school in March 2012.

Now, Sheen is ready to go on the offensive against what he considers the improper handling of the incident by the Viewpoint School of Calabasas, California. As Sheen explained to, “There’s no statute of limitations on bullying… [the school] should be ashamed of itself for allowing the bullying to go on and try to hide it.” Sheen also alleges that the school accused his daughter of being a liar in the situation.

After several months to think about a reasonable response to the incident, Charlie Sheen came up with the following plan, announced via Twitter:

“This is a legitimate call to arms.
my daughter Sam was bullied out of Viewpoint school and then called a liar.
it’s on!
if you have a rotted egg
a roll of toilet paper
or some dog s**t;
I urge u to deliver it with ‘extreme prejudice’
to their KamPuss run by trolls and charlatans.
make me proud.
we will not tolerate this level of
abhorrent disrespect towards the child of your favorite Warlock.
And if your feeling the
‘show and tell’ of it all,
smear the s**t to spell one name on the front door;
eat that loser.”

Not surprisingly, Viewpoint School is not in favor of this particular protest. The school issued a public statement on the matter:

“Like all responsible schools across our nation, we are concerned when any individual uses a social media forum to encourage actions that may risk the safety and security of any school.

The parent of a former Viewpoint School student who has not attended Viewpoint School since March, 2012 has made certain accusations in the media. Viewpoint School first became aware of these accusations last year. Our administrators addressed the issue appropriately at that time. Our School takes accusations of bullying very seriously. For over 50 years, Viewpoint School has provided a safe and nurturing environment for our students to thrive, and we will continue to do so.”

It remains to be seen whether this very sensible statement has any impact on Charlie Sheen. There is, after all, a first time for everything.

Posted by:Laurel Brown