charlie sheen allen iverson Charlie Sheen's 'Today Show' antics: Adonis DNA, Allen Iverson and moreCharlie Sheen sat down with “Today Show” correspondent Jeff Rossen and by now, his antics have become infamous across the ‘net. We wanted to help those of you who have viewed the interview and have some questions.

Sheen mentions at one point that he won’t struggle with addiction any more because he’s not weak, like a person who doesn’t have “tiger
blood and Adonis DNA,” implying that he does, in fact, possess those things.

Tiger blood, one has to assume, means blood running through his veins of an actual tiger and not, for example, stashed vials in his mansion containing the blood of Ty Cobb or Jim Leyland. Charlie’s father is Martin Sheen and while Martin’s not a literal tiger, we’d buy that he’s a figurative tiger.

Adonis DNA, for all of you who are Googling that, is not a real thing. Again, Charlie Sheen is implying that he has the genetic makeup of Adonis, who was a strong, beautiful man and a lover of Venus/Aphrodite in Roman and Greek mythology.

We aren’t sure we’d call his new girlfriends, Natalie Kenly and porn star Bree Olson, Venus and Aphrodite or that we think Charlie’s an Adonis, but OK.

Sheen was also asked if he ever missed a day of shooting due to his problems and he said only rehearsals, or “not a day that cost anybody any money.” That’s … probably not true, but he then goes on to “quote the great Allen Iverson. ‘C’mon guys, we’re talkin’ about practice!'”

Allen Iverson is a former NBA-er who is currently playing in Europe. But in 2006, he was a Philadelphia 76er and he famously missed some practices, which he then reiterated (over and over) in a press conference was not a big deal. Video below.

Finally Sheen makes the comment that he “won best picture at 20,” when he “wasn’t even trying.” He is referring to the 1986 movie “Platoon,” which did win Best Picture that year. But we would argue that while Sheen was a star of that movie, maybe he didn’t so much win Best Picture all by himself.

Best Director Oscar winner Oliver Stone, Best Picture Oscar winner producer Arnold Kopelson, Best Editing Oscar winner Claire Simpson, the Oscar-nominated “Platoon” actors Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe and the Oscar-nominated screenplay from Stone might have also had something to do with it.

By Sheen’s line of thinking, you know who else “won” Best Picture in 1986? Forest Whitaker, “Entourage’s” Kevin Dillon, “Scrubs” star John C. McGinley, “Desperate Housewives’s” Mark Moses and Johnny Depp,

So there you go. Some of Charlie’s “highlights” explained.

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