Costume designer Roemehl Hawkins is really particular about where she shops for ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ While some designers who work in TV go to Bloomingdales and Nordstrom, she looks for things that are unique and hard to get.

“I started out as a stylist working for Giorgio Armani,” she says. “A lot of the things you see are sample pieces, some are shipped in from designers directly or pre-ordered or found in a boutique. Some things aren’t as accessible because I want people to think when they turn it on that it looks different from anything out there.”

That doesn’t mean that you can’t look like an Angel. But it definitely is easier to replicate Eve’s (Minka Kelly) look than Abby’s (Rachael Taylor).

“Eve’s background is she grew up in an orphanage,” Hawkins says. “She is my only Angel I will dress in jeans or the color black. I give her tomboy roots and a masculine feel, and we’re trying to show her growth if she wants to become more involved as an Angel.”

Abby, meanwhile, grew up rich in Manhattan. And Kate (Annie Ilonzeh) was a toughened cop before becoming an Angel.

“Even though they’re in Miami, I don’t have any of them dressing too much like they live here,” she says. “I keep them kind of in their own world. Abby still has her finger on the pulse of fashion even though she’s not living in Manhattan anymore.”

Hawkins’ biggest challenge is the high standard she sets for featuring looks that set the show apart.

“I’m just hypercreative,” she says. “I’ll go to to start building my look right off the runway. I try to keep it so that by the time the episode airs, it’s still current.”

Hawkins chose a photo of each character that illustrates how it all starts with the script when it comes to dressing Angels.

tvfash1o30 'Charlie's Angels' stays current

“That jacket is Viktor & Rolf. He’s known for being a little more cutting-edge. My philosophy with Abby is though she is a private detective and lives in Miami, she came from a different kind of world that incorporates having more of a personal style. Even though she’s made this change in her life, working for Charlie, she’s still that kind of girl.”

tvfash2o30 'Charlie's Angels' stays current

“This purple dress is Mason. It has leather sleeves. I do a lot of color blocking on Kate. She is originally from Miami, and I feel like she has this colorful, exotic vibe. She was this decorated policewoman who fell from grace, and she’s now an Angel. I feminized her and dressed her up a bit. I do nice primary-based color and build from there because maybe she is influenced by her surroundings in Miami, but she’s also broken free of her past.”

tvfash3o30 'Charlie's Angels' stays current

“I bought this Sachin & Babi maxi-dress on I’m sure Eve has seen a lot of things in her past. She’s still a tomboy, and she’s the most recent addition to Charlie’s team, and she’s going to take a lot more time to Angel-ize. We’re starting to lean toward more of a bohemian vibe, maxi-dresses, wide-leg pants with flowy tops. She’s still the girl who can work under the hood of a car, so I don’t want her to lose that sense of self.”

Posted by:Monique Marcil