chase carey Chase Carey and his moustache get Rupert Murdoch's endorsement as News Corp successor

Leading News Corp may not be the attractive job it was a few months ago before the company became embattled in a phone hacking scandal, but the pay would probably take the edge off.

And when aging Chief Executive Officer Rupert Murdoch finally steps down, it looks like that job won’t go to his son, James Murdoch.

Speaking with reporters during the company’s quarterly earning call, the senior Murdoch unofficially tapped top lieutenant and Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey as the next in line.

“Chase is my partner and if anything happened to me I’m sure he’ll get it immediately — if I went under a bus,” the 80-year-old told Reuters when asked about the company’s line of succession.

This marks the first time Murdoch has spoken publicly about succession or revealed that his son was not his first pick.

Many think the current scandal in the U.K. may have factored into the decision to not endorse his son… while anyone with a working pair of eyes can tell that it’s all in the mustache.

Nothing says “trustworthy and competent” quite like a man who starts every day with a little wax-and-twirl.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell