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When NBC presented “Chase,” its fall pilot about U.S. Marshalls, at TCA’s Press Tour on Friday (July 30), our first impression was that it was a very hardcore police procedural. And even the adorable female lead, Kelli Giddish, confirmed our suspicions.
Last seen on “Past Life,” Giddish says that she loves playing Annie on the NBC show. “I couldn’t keep a pair of shoes clean to save my life when I was a kid,” she says. “It’s so great to play a woman who accepts all the physicality. So, yeah, it’s a dream. It’s such a dream.”
She says that she trained with actual U.S. Marshals from Houston to prepare for the role, and they all do their own stunts. “If you see me going down a river, it’s me,” she says. “And it’s the fugitive, you know. And that goes for everybody here. I think that’s so exciting about this show.”
Also, you’ll recognize “Desperate Housewives” hottie, Jesse Metcalfe, who says his character, Luke, plays an affluent kid from D.C. whose dark reason for leaving home and joining the academy will be disclosed early in the season.
But, here’s a good question: Are there any trips to Wisteria Lane in his future? “I believe that ship has sailed,” he says. “This is where my focus is.  This is a great departure for me. It’s a 180-degree turn from anything that I’ve done before. It’s a much more mature character, much more complex character.”
And while the team was keen on pointing out that the U.S. Marshalls are called in to track down the most dangerous of fugitives, the show hopes to humanize them at the same time.
“If the marshalls are pursuing them, they are the worst of the worst,” says executive producer, Jennifer Johnson. “But bad guys don’t wake up thinking that they are bad guys. They wake up saying, ‘I need money, and how will I get it?’ So they will be portrayed as heinous criminals, but, hopefully, you understand them.”
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