haley ramm chasing life abc family 'Chasing Life's' Haley Ramm: Brenna has to decide who she wants to be withOn the latest episode of “Chasing Life,” Haley Ramm’s character Brenna continued to be put in a difficult position, trapped between Greer, her new friend who is there for her, and friends Kieran and Ford, who were not exactly being respectful of Brenna’s friendship.

“They’re not very good friends,” Ramm agrees with Zap2it. “Brenna has to deal with balancing her friendship with Ford and her possible relationship or whatever it is with Greer. In the next four episodes, I can say that Brenna is going to have to make a really big decision and that decision puts a strain on her relationship with Ford. Ford is very protective of Brenna as a friend.”

“Her feelings [about Greer] come about by being put on the spot by her whole friend group. Greer has always been the one to make her feel better, it’s a sweet relationship.,” Ramm continues. “Brenna has to make a decision right then and there who she’s going to be with, it’s a very intense scene.”

There’s another intense scene on the horizon for Brenna too — finding out about her father’s other child.

“The next couple episodes I’ll take a trip to dig up the past,” teases Ramm.

And as for April’s personal life, Ramm says that Brenna doesn’t really have an opinion, but that she as an actress would have to choose Team Leo.

“I can’t really pick. You want to root for Team Dominic because he’s the guy who was there first. But then who the real Leo is starts to unfold and it’s really great,” says Ramm with a laugh. “I don’t know if I can pick one, maybe Team Leo.”

“Chasing Life” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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