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Castle_Stana_Katic_Nathan_Fillion.jpgThis morning, I hopped on the phone early with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, the stars of ABC’s literary caper drama “Castle,” airing Mondays.

He plays Richard Castle, a top mystery novelist (he even has a new book out) with a taste for real-life crime-solving; she plays Kate Beckett, an NYPD detective who winds up with him as her partner.

Here’s a chunk of our Q&A (Fillion’s NF; Katic’s SK; I’m KO):

KO: How goes it so far?

NF: So far, so good. We’re on episode — what, now? Six? Seven?

SK: Eight. Just starting eight today.

NF: Wow. Time flies. We’re having a good time. I think it’s safe to say we’re in full swing, second season. Our feet are found; we’re into it, neck-deep and swimming.

KO: Since Beckett is really a cop and Castle’s not, does he mind having a woman order him around?

NF: Castle is surrounded by women. He’s never really had an authority figure in his life, so that’s one of the reasons he’s attracted to Kate Beckett, because she is an authority figure. That’s what his life is lacking, what he doesn’t have and, I think, enjoys.

KO: What does Beckett think of Castle this season, as opposed to the first season?

SK: First season, he was a nuisance, an annoying gnat that she had to deal with. Aside from that, she had a crush on him. Then, as the season progressed, and especially this season, after we dealt with that big, horrible breach of trust that he committed first season, we learn that she really values him and enjoys his sense comedy and enjoys him as a person and a part of her life.

KO: Does she still have a crush on him or has she moved beyond that?

SK: The crush is being played out this season, more than any of the other episodes last year. Yeah, that’s the only thing I’m going to tell you, though. Don’t ask me for more!

KO: Will the as-yet unsolved murder case involving Beckett’s mother continue to be discussed?

SK: We touch on it a bit. We really dealt with first episode of season two. We touch on it a bit, I think, this episode or next. As far as from what I hear from the writers room, we’ll have to deal with it before the end of this season, because it’s looming. It seems like audiences really want to know what happened.

We’re going to learn more about Beckett’s home life. That will have to come out eventually as we move on with the series.

KO: Would you like to see Beckett depicted doing more girly things — like shoe shopping or getting a manicure — or in leisure time?

SK: Oh, my gosh, please! Yes. I would love it. Anyone who is a working woman has one kind of character that she can be at work, especially if she’s in charge. She has to hold a certain kind of decorum. Then she can let loose when she goes home, and she’s with girl friends or guy friends and dates and with family. I can’t wait to see a bit more of that.

I know so far they’ve been writing in more of this wild streak that Kate has. We’ll learn more about that this season, and that’s been fun to play.So I’m hoping that we get to go into her home life and see the other side of her as well.

KO: How does Castle feel about Beckett as opposed to last year?

NF: More of the same. Just as in real life, when you spend time with someone, you grow and learn more about them. He comes to respect her and admire her even more.

KO: Does Castle have a crush on Beckett?

NF: Do ya think? He wears his crush on his sleeve.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare