Dr. Steve Brule is back with a whole new season of “Check It Out!” The Adult Swim spinoff of “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” kicks off Season 3 on Feb. 28 at 12:30 a.m. PT/ET, and here is an early sneak peek of what’s in store.

In the episode, Steve Brule (John C. Reilly) has his first experience on an airplane. As can be expected with the great doctor, he doesn’t exactly know the proper etiquette for the situation.

“Check It Out!” started as a segment on “Tim and Eric,” but transitioned into its own series in 2010. Reilly tells Zap2it that fans still most frequently only know Steve from the “Tim and Eric” shorts.

“In the general public, most people mention the wine review that Steve did for Channel 5. I get a lot of, ‘For your health,'” he says. “I’ve done, I think, almost 70 movies, and people who are 14 to 18, I would say this is pretty much the only thing they know me from — this and ‘Step Brothers.'”

Reilly continues, “I really had to work hard with Adult Swim to get them to present the shows as whole shows. There’s a tendency among everyone on the Internet now to break it into a piece that’s a minute or two long at the most. But to their credit, now you can watch every episode of ‘Check It Out!’ all the way through, because they’re designed to be scenes, and they’re built to build one onto another.”

To Reilly, he gets the sense from young fans that they are responding to this in the same way that he responded to Monty Python TV sketches when he was a child.

“I think the show’s really refreshing to a lot of people because it’s really subversive in a lot of ways and it’s shocking in how it doesn’t toe the line of any other show out there. I think it’s because we’re essentially unsupervised,” he says. “There was nothing in my whole world that was anything like [Monty Python]. Their embrace of absurdity and how willing they were to go to super uncomfortable places and with perverse kind of things, I just ate that up. And that’s the same sense I get from kids today.”

The first episode of “Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule’s” six-episode Season 3 premieres on Adult Swim on Feb. 28 at 12:30 a.m. Tune into Zap2it each week for more sneak peeks at each episode and more insight from Reilly into the show.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz