channing tatum magic mike shirtless Check out Channing Tatum's butt in racy new 'Magic Mike' trailerYou knew there’d be some nudity in a movie about male strippers, but the American trailers for “Magic Mike” keep showing us gratuitous shots of abs (for which we are eternally grateful), while the U.K. gets the goods. The latest overseas trailer for the film bares more than we’ve ever seen before. We’re talking full-on Channing Tatum backside in this one, folks.

The newest clip, which would most certainly be red-band stateside, shows us more of the opening party scene, this time with a much better view of Tatum’s butt cheeks.

Actually, there’s a lot more butt in this one. The U.S. trailer focused on the abs, but this one’s all about the cheeks.

And Tatum’s not the only one — we get a little of Alex Pettyfer, a little of Matthew McConaughey, and way more of Matt Bomer than we see on “White Collar,” that’s for sure.

There are also new snippets of dialogue we haven’t seen either. “Why stripping,” Tatum’s ladyfriend asks him. “Why? It’s easy. Women, money and a good time,” he replies.

Feast your eyes on the full trailer below. It is not safe for work, unless you work at Zap2it and have watched it eight times in a row “to write down quotes.” (It’s a hard job.) “Magic Mike” opens in theaters on June 29.

Posted by:Jean Bentley