chelsea handler getty Chelsea Handler, Laura Prepon to play sisters in NBC pilotWe have to admit, we were super excited for Laura Prepon to take on Chelsea Handler in the new NBC Pilot based on Handler’s best seller, “Are You There  Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea…” but the news just got even better.

Handler will be taking a role in the pilot as well.

So who will Handler play? And no, it won’t be the future version of herself.

E! News reports that Handler will portray her own big sister in the pilot. While it hasn’t been confirmed exactly which sister she will be (Handler grew up the youngest of six children), we imagine she will play the part of Sloan, who is most often mentioned in her books.

In the book, Sloan is Handler’s older and “wiser” sister, who often tries to tame Handler’s wild ways. Sloan converts from Judaism to Mormonism and Handler frequently refers to her as the “Mormon sister.”

Prepon and Handler both hail from New Jersey, something that the actress is excited to have in common.

“Chelsea and I are similar, so it’s perfect we play sisters,” she says. “It’s funny, because her vodka is my favorite vodka too, we bot drink the same thing!”

We imagine there will be plenty of Belvedere to go around if NBC decides to pick up the series. Fingers crossed! 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci