heather mcdonald gi 'Chelsea Lately's' Heather McDonald talks 'Dancing with the Stars' dreams, Chelsea Handler's X rated prankFans have been getting a closer look at “Chelsea Lately’s” Heather McDonald with the introduction of “After Lately” on E!. In this week’s episode, camera’s follow McDonald as she takes up residence in Chelsea Handler‘s pad after a fight with her husband, but Handler isn’t always so kind to her pal.

  ]]>“Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me,” friends, family and “victims” all contribute their own stories revolving around the comedienne’s wild imagination, which we’ve grown to appreciate in her last three books. Zap2it spoke with McDonald on Friday (Apr. 8), when she dished on some of the hilarious pranks pulled on her over the years. “Basically, she convinced me that they wanted a roundtable regular on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’” McDonald tells us. “She couldn’t do it and they don’t have a little person to dance with Chuy, so they were going to follow one of us. Then everyone started talking about how [‘DWTS’ producers] started pushing toward someone other than myself and it was just torment. It’s really funny.” The joke resonated with McDonald, who still has dreams of one day holding that Mirror Ball trophy. If she has her way, alongside Maks Chmerkovskiy. “I’m still trying to get on ‘Dancing with the Stars,'” she says. “I have been pursuing it! I’ve said it on the show about 15 times, I’ve talked to people that do casting, I have a — a fan started a Facebook page. It’s never trended on Twitter, but I’ve tried. Once that radio guy [“Psycho” Mike Catherwood] got on, I was like, ‘Come on!'” When it comes to Handler, sometimes mental games aren’t enough. The late night hostess has resorted to physical abuse of sorts, as well. “Yeah, she does hit people, she does throw food in your face, she does pants you,” McDonald explains. “She once took an electric toothbrush to my vagina when I was wearing these workout pants. In front of everybody. While I held two plates of food and couldn’t defend myself. And then later on, she’d show the toothbrush and she’d be like, ‘Heather is this getting you excited?’ Everybody knew about it, and I was like ‘No!’ But I mean, what the hell.” It’s nothing personal when it comes to office pranks, as McDonald assures us that everyone gets equal treatment in the office. “It’s so not just one person getting it,” she tells us. “Everybody gets abuse from her, from each other, from everyone. It makes you feel like, ‘It’s not just me, so I better just roll with it.'” You can watch McDonald (and the workplace abuse) on “After Lately,” Sunday nights at 11 PM on E!.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci