chely wright today show Chely Wright on 'Today' about coming out: 'I was ready to take my own life'Country singer Chely Wright is coming out of the closet in her new autobiography “Like Me,” which hits stores Wednesday, May 5. She tells “Today” about her struggle with her sexuality, dating all the way back to third grade.

“I was hiding. I’m gay and didn’t want anyone to know that I was,” Wright says in her video package intro. “Country music has been described about being about God and family and country and for some reason people think you can’t be gay and have those beliefs. That’s why I have to do this. I have to be one to step forward.”

“Today” anchor Natalie Morales asks Chely about praying as a little girl, “Please God, please don’t let me be gay. I promise to be a good person” and Chely says that country music has never had a musician acknowledge that he or she is gay and she has wanted to be a country artist since she was 4 years old, so she knew she had to hide that she was gay.

“Country music … our fanbase is conservative. Our industry, the people who run it, is conservative,” Chely explains. She also details dealing with rumors and having to deny it and lie about it and how she hit rock bottom, which is when she started writing her book. “I had a 9 mm gun in my mouth. I was taking inventory in my life … I was living a secret life … I gave up hope and I was ready to take my own life.”

Eventually she prayed for guidance and felt she needed to tell the truth. 

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