Cher was the guest judge on Monday’s (Nov. 4) “Dancing with the Stars.” But how did the singer do, critiquing dancing celebrities on their performances?

For the most part, Cher was very much the standard celebrity judge. She stuck mainly to compliments, leaving the tough criticism of dance style to Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli. That’s fair — Cher isn’t a dancer and fully admitted in a recent interview to having no particular knowledge of ballroom dancing.

But that doesn’t mean Cher can’t express her opinions. She had no problems with that throughout the night. From the risque to the flat-out bleepable (go to the 2:25 mark in the above video for an example), Cher certainly managed to be entertaining. Plus, she sang. Most guests just stick to one thing on “Dancing with the Stars.”

What did you think of Cher as a guest judge? Was she any good? Entertaining at least? What could have been better? Leave your comments below or take the poll.

Posted by:Laurel Brown